Friday, April 3, 2015

And Even More Candice-Marie Fox Deleted Posts

Sorry so long, and yes, not all of these have been deleted (yet).  These are from this facebook page  All Candice-Marie Fox had to do was tell the truth and fix the lies out there about her cancer.  Instead, she deleted posts and banned me from commenting on her pages.  Again, I ask what she found so offensive about these demands for the truth.  Surely if her story or getting five years to live after her cancer spread to her liver, and of healing it using pineapple juice were totally true, then she would immediately post irrefutable proof.


  1. You know my favourite part of that FB page? This, which Candice-Marie has posted over and over and over again:

    "Thanks to The Metro for publishing my story. However I would like to clear up a few errors in these articles.
    Houghton Regis is in Bedfordshire, not Hertfordshire."

    Because it's REALLY important that you all know the correct location of Houghton Regis. All that other stuff you keep asking Candice-Marie about - the credentials (or lack thereof) of Mark Simon, the specifics of her cancer diagnosis and treatment - meh, that's unimportant. That's trivia. You're all SO negative. But THIS is important. Houghton Regis is in Bedfordshire. Got it?

    [Insert inspiring quote of your choice here. Something about rainbows]

    Love and kisses and hearts to you all.


    PS. Did I mention that Houghton Regis is in Bedfordshire?

    1. Also, her relationship with her ex-husband is irrelevant, but she chose to correct it. It was only after we put relentless pressure on her that she admitted that her liver tumors were benign and that Mark Simon is not an oncologist. Seriously? What kind of a person does not correct THAT first and foremost?

    2. I love the picture that's been posted today, about not negative people! Ive been banned from commenting too, but she is still getting some some probing questions.

    3. Just because SHE thinks Houghton Regis is in Bedfordshire doesn't mean it's not in Hertfordshire. I personally believe Houghton Regis is in Scotland. That's my truth. It may not be true for everyone, but it's true for me. And if she doesn't like that, she can just kindly get right out of here with her geography and her cartography and her GPS. I don't need that kind of negativity in my life right now.

  2. I can imagine her in court being cross examined and she says, the less I respond to negative people, the more peaceful my life will become.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall :)

  3. Thank you for this page, Violet. It is so important that SOMEONE is vigilant about these absurd claims and since the media clearly won't step up, I'm so glad you have. Please keep the info coming and if there are any other bloggers preparing to make their fortune with false claims of food curing cancer, send us their way.

    1. Damn straight. Every single person who does this will be relentlessly pressured by us to produce proof of their claims. I am getting sick of the fact that not a single "journalist" did any fact checking. The names of all those journalists are going on a permanent post "naughty list" here. This is not something I want to do, but I can think of no other way to make a change. I am really glad that A LOT of us have banded together to demand the truth. This is something we will have to do every time one of these "wellness" bloggers pops up.

  4. A pattern in all of this wholesome/wellness quackery. It appears all you need is a quack diagnosis sans real qualifications. A Prognosis of five years to live. The discovery of multiple tumors. The Magic of vegies, fruit and pineapple sunshine. And above all a wholesome pretty face (dental veneers) and the media (news, social media) suckered in to print this rubbish with an army of undying followers.

  5. I know The person concerned. Not well you understand, but I know her. To my mind she has been thumped with a tragic diagnosis and then floundered into the pseudo science arena while weak and impressionable. I don't think she's malicious but do believe her to be overtly misguided and now riding a wave that she's unwilling to dive off of. I feel deeply sorry for her and can sympathise as a former quackery believer myself. That said, I can't defend her as I believe that the things she is doing, although covered in a thick blanket of concern for her fellow humans, are for little other than profit as that's her professional background. She's taken a situation and attempted to turn it to her favour. I admire that impetus yet am deeply disturbed with her inability to recognise the harm it could do. I'm just hoping that she sees what she's doing before someone gets hurt because of her advice.

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