Sunday, August 30, 2015

Changes to Commenting

I had to change the settings so that every comment now requires a word verification.  I know it's annoying, but this blog gets a lot of spam from woo-peddlers.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Even If Gerson Works The Way They Say It Works, It Still Doesn't Work

How many times have we seen the Gerson people claim that the reason Gerson failed was because the patient did something wrong?  It's a running theme with them.  If a cancer patient dies after doing Gerson it is because they most certainly did something wrong somewhere along the line.  Well how could they not?  How could they not miss one of 3,650 totally pleasant coffee enemas (five a day for two years)?   Did the patient once sleep in and not do their morning enema?  Of course.  Did the patient once cave after day after day of juice and salt-free boiled potatoes and grab a cheeseburger?  Yup.  Every single person doing the Gerson protocol will mess up at least once in two years, and they probably "fail" way more than once, and that is what the Gerson people count on.  They have developed a protocol that is essentially impossible for people who are living their lives in the real world to follow, and then they use that fact to weasel out of ever being responsible for the failure themselves.  Thus, I submit that even if Gerson therapy actually did work, it would only ever be purely theoretical, because human beings simply cannot follow such a rigid regime for two years.  I am looking forward to seeing the film The Food Cure simply because I highly suspect there will be lots of fantastic quotes where Gerson staffers go on and on about how you have to follow the regime perfectly or else it won't work and you will die from cancer and it will be all your fault (because hey, you're lazy and you have low character and not enough motivation and perseverance to save your own life).