Sunday, August 30, 2015

Changes to Commenting

I had to change the settings so that every comment now requires a word verification.  I know it's annoying, but this blog gets a lot of spam from woo-peddlers.


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  3. Violet? Woo-peddlers have struck!

  4. Thta's a wise choice. I'm looking forward to read more posts about medicine from your blog.

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  6. A Belle Gibson update - the investigation is by no means easing off.

  7. There's another Jess/Belle/Candy case happening in New Zealand now. The story is here

    It’s sad that she has cancer but that doesn’t excuse her for making wild and implausible claims about her new product.

    This is arguably the worst bit - and not only because of the crimes against grammar:

    "The Perfect Blend has one of the only organic bacterial strains in the world!
    And guess what? Through a unique process that took 18 years to develop, and 2.5 million dollars of investment, the bacteria contained in our product have been evolved to be resistant to most of our every day bacterial killers; anti-biotic therapy, colas, synthetic ascorbic acid, heat, cold, fluorides, chlorine’s, preservatives, salt, alcohol and stress (to name just a few). Our bacteria have not been genetically altered and they are obtained from fruits and vegetables, unlike most others, which are grown out of faecal matter. The process resulted in a super strain of bacteria that have the power to overcome even the most stubborn bad bacteria and yeast, and these living viable bacteria are eager to re-colonise your gut and strengthen your immune system!
    1 tsp a day of The Perfect Blend will give your immune system the best fighting chance possible!"

    On her blog she claims that she's 'curing herself' of stage 4 melanoma (but does admit in about 3 words to having been in a clinical trial) and says that tumours in her stomach and lung have disappeared. I wonder if that's true?

    Whatever the case, there will be people who are inspired to buy her product and the implication is that it's what's helping her beat the disease - if indeed she is.

    She's obviously a nice person and genuine in a way but it's just a shame that she's decided to cash in like this - and the Perfect Blend costs an eye-watering sum!

  8. Btw, an interesting change in Candy's story, see FB post from Dec 23rd. She now says she was stage 2 after all.

    "Thank you for sharing Natural Solutions Magazine
    heart emoticon
    There are still errors, such as my lil cousin was a girl
    heart emoticon
    heart emoticon
    not a "he" as the article suggests
    smile emoticon
    & I was stage 2 Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma, which had already spread into the surrounding neck Lymph nodes at time of diagnosis, and then into my right lung and more Lymph nodes in my neck and chest after surgery/radiation. I did a whole protocol consisting of tropical fruits and juices on days 1-7, days 8,9 &10 I incorporated sodium selenite and vit k3 to blast the weakened cancer cells and days 11-14 I ate vegan whole foods to refuel ready to do the cycle again, so you see there was more to it than just eating fruit, there is a science behind it but all natural and non toxic as opposed to the toxic and invasive conventional treatments I previously endured and the ones that have taken the lives of many including my besty Jamie and cousin Frankie.
    heart emoticon

    I also meditated, earthed in nature, practiced gratitude and loved myself like never before
    heart emoticon"

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  10. Please please please post again. Come back. Give us something to chew on. Please. I've been patiently waiting. As a person surrounded by woo I need you to make a post. Now. Do it. Please.

  11. Candice's story got republished by a quack with 300k followers on FB:

    I left a comment here, but I don't think it will get published...

  12. Some news on Belle:

  13. I'm agree with your post.. I like your blogs, keep updating..

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