Thursday, July 2, 2015

Belle Gibson Catch-Up

Well, I have finally been able to catch up a bit on the Belle Gibson saga.  The 60 Minutes interview was naturally incredibly awkward, but I was pleased to see that the journalist conducting the interview asked her some straight-forward questions and refused to accept b.s. answers. This is what all journalists should have done right from the start, and I hope that this is learning lesson for all those in the media about credulous reporting of miracle cancer cures. Naturally, Belle Gibson is still lying and I am convinced she simply does not have the character to be a truthful and honest person. I am also pleased to see that Belle Gibson will finally face some real consequences of her lies in the Australian courts.

One final thought: to all the journalists out there who still might believe that Belle was simply misled by some quack doctors, go and see if there is a correlation between Belle's announcement of her cancer spreading to her kidneys, spleen and uterus and app sales in the following days.  I bet you will find a big one.